Jacqui MacCarthyWelcome

It is very challenging for new authors to get press reviews because of the high level of competition for journalists’ attention. Book review editors receive approximately 200-400 books per week and on average there are 2,500 publications of one sort or another published each week.

At d’Image we take a different approach. Recognising that relying solely on book reviews limits the chance of success we also promote our authors through news stories and features.

Through the creation of a range of angles, significant press coverage can be achieved. Media contact is our main strength, d’Image have developed relationships with many of the key journalists. They know d’Image will follow through and provide all back up information This is not done by simply sending a press release but through personal telephone and face to face contact. We put ourselves in the position of a journalist. A journalist must provide an interesting story that their readers will want to read.